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Joydhak webzine 7th issue uploaded

September 25, 2009

The festival issue (2009) of Joydhak has been uploaded today at This web edition of Joydhak has been behind schedule by precisely 8 days.
In fact the magazine has been kept ready for uploading for quite sometime now. Its hard copy version was as ususal published from Kolkata precisely on due date that is 15th September’09.
But our Mumbai based webmaster was abroad and hence the delay in uploading the web issue.
The joydhak Team expresses sincere regret for this delay.
However there’s a tiny piece of good news also–this was a rare occasion when a Kolkata team showed more punctuality than a Mumbai team!
Coming to the new issue , the first step towards a major revamping of content of the magazine has been initiated in this issue. We have begun our English section from this issue with the English version of our indigenous comiscs ‘Mrs T’. Over the next few issues we plan to develop this section into a full fledged english quarterly for teens, tweens and beginners.
A slew of new serial features are on the drawing board. These will also be released over next one or two issues.
Happy reading. We expect your comments.

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